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[CU to launch quiz event about Dokdo Islands for upcoming Dokdo Day] South Korea's convenience store chain CU announced yesterday that it would run the "Dokdo Fact-Check Event" on its mobile app Pocket CU until Oct. 25, the day Dokdo Day falls on. Quizzes are going to be true or false questions that cover the history and general information of Dokdo, including topics such as 'the oldest document that mentions Dokdo,' 'Japan's false claims on Dokdo' and 'measures to solve the conflict over Dokdo.' A new question will pop up every day on the app in the seven-day period to Dokdo Day. Different gift tokens will be given each day to 1,000 randomly chosen participants who have chosen the right answer.  In addition to this quiz event, CU has launched various campaigns such as releasing an illustrated guide to Dokdo's inhabitants and initiating regular visits to Dokdo. Dokdo (Takeshima) is an island located in the East Sea (Sea of Japan), which has been at the center of a territorial dispute between the Korean and Japanese governments.
Oct 19, 2020 1:06 PM
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