Day 189/365 Hi guys! How are you? Today was a rainstorm, fortunately I was working during these time and when I came back home the rain was just a little bit. A few days ago I watched a good cartoon "Luca" . This is a very kind and good story about boy from the sea. He is not common person or fish... The people from the Earth call them "monsters" . But they are very kind. One day this guy met another boy and this showed Luca how he lives in real world, he told him about scooter "Vespa"🛵 and explained some interesting things. Luca shares these summer adventures with his new best friend. This cartoon about friendship, family, people's character, and about love. Take care and watch this cartoon with your family or love partner, you definitely will spend a good time.
Jul 8, 2021 1:51 PM
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