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Language learning is not only about language learning, but also about getting to know the world and yourself. I'm Dinah, welcome to learn Chinese and open up a new world. 学习语言不只是在学习语言,更是在认识世界、认识自己。 Today's buzzword to share 今日热词分享 lie flat 躺平 tang ping, or "lie flat", describes youngsters who have little ambition and do the bare minimum to get by. It turns out that the "lie-flatters" are from well-off families, born with a silver spoon in their mouths, or believe that whatever happens to them, they have basic medical insurance, pension and unemployment subsidies to fall back on. This is totally different from previous generations. On the one hand, older generations didn't have the luxury to 'lie flat', because they had to tighten their belts and work hard to earn a living. On the other hand, younger people are facing greater pressure than older generations when it comes to employment. Here are my notes: Some people think that lying down is a kind of invisible confrontation to the rapid development of society. For example, playing games re-establishes a power relationship by establishing the relationship between people and games, and confronts the material relationship in reality. Some people just talk about it, in fact, just to release their emotions, and then better stand up; Some people believe that lying down is to escape from the fast-paced society, to hide in the body that is completely not meaningful, not orderly, not regulated; But more people don't approve of the "lie-flatters", who they believe are self-centered, and have greater respect for the "heroes in harm's way". 是指一些年轻人放弃奋斗、不思进取,他们或逃避竞争、低欲望生活,或不想工作、回家啃老 选择躺平的人,有的家境比较优越,一出生就躺赢;有的认为不管怎样,都有国家基本医疗、失业保险和养老保险等兜底。 这和他们的父辈不同,那时,家家户户没有这么好的条件,社会资源紧缺,只能奋斗。另一方面,与父辈相比,这一代年轻人面临着更大的压力和竞争,如就业、职场、住房、生育等等 每年就有一千万大学毕业生走向社会。 有人认为躺平是对社会的一种隐形的对抗,比如打游戏,通过建立人和游戏的关系从而重新确立一种权力关系,来对抗现实中的物质性关系; 有人只是嘴上说说,其实只是为了释放一下情绪,然后更好地站起来; 有人认为躺平是为了逃避快节奏的社会,可以暂时躲在完全不被意义化、不被秩序化、不被规则化的身体中; 但更多的人不赞同躺平 人们更尊重和喜爱逆行者
Nov 15, 2021 5:21 AM