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剩余快感 (Jaques Lacan’s) surplus enjoyment 你在看一些电视剧时,会不会觉得很不真实? Will you feel unreal when you watch some TV series? 南开大学文学院教授周志强认为,今天的文化生产表面上被爱情等情感驱动,实际上被剩余快感驱动。 Zhou Zhiqiang, a professor at the College of Liberal Arts at Nankai University, argues that today's cultural production, ostensibly driven by emotions such as love, is actually driven by surplus enjoyment. 在我们的精神世界里,深藏了一些被驱逐、被压抑、被禁忌的内心快感。当人们不能面对残酷的现实,就可能在想象中实现一些欲望。这种实现的过程就是剩余快感的实现 There are some banished, repressed and forbidden inner pleasures in our spiritual world. when people can not resist the cruelty of reality, we may be in the imagination to achieve some desire. Those desire to achieve the process, called the process of obtaining surplus enjoyment. 由此出现了一些烂剧,看起来你在看剧中别人“真实”的生活,其实你在被迎合 There's some bad drama out there, where it looks like you're watching someone's life to learn something new, but actually, you're being catered to. 你看过哪些假真实的烂剧或真实的好剧,欢迎分享 Have you ever seen a bad show that's fake or a good show that's real, welcome to share
Nov 19, 2021 5:13 AM