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Hi! I share with you another little part of my country's history. About the god Quetzalcoatl (Part 2). (Sorry for my level of English.) #QuetzalcoatlRules #PrehispanicGods Upon arriving to the human's world, he wandered through many lands until he reached Tollan, a place that is said to be in Mexico in the State of Hidalgo. When he arrive, a sacrifice was being offered in honor of his brother Tezcatlipoca, and enraged by this barbarity, he stopped the execution. The priest who was performing the sacrifice, shouted furiously, while the sky turned gray with clouds that announced a great storm, lightning and thunder. Quetzalcoalt calmed them down, and told them that as long as he was in Tollan the city would flourish like no other. He then raised his hands to the sky and the winds began to blow, clearing the clouds. The men wanted to worship him as a deity. He rejected any kind of luxury and invited them to live with humility and to learn with the purity from their souls. From that moment, Tollan grew and prospered. The god in human form taught them to cultivate corn seeds, to work jade, gold and obsidian, to dye cotton, the art of astronomy, enriched their writing, encouraged the worship of the gods and forbade human sacrifices, instead he teach them the self-sacrifice by pricking themselves with maguey thorns. He created an order of maidens who would dedicate themselves to the cleaning and maintenance of the temples, in short, the city became a great, beautiful and sacred city. Thanks for read this little part of a great history.
Jun 10, 2021 9:15 PM
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