Md Rifat
A Random Walk through the English Language Here’s a game Claude Shannon, the founder of information theory, invented in 1948. He was trying to model the English language as a random process. Go to your bookshelf, pick up a random book, open it and point to a random spot on the page, and mark the first two letters you see. Say they’re I and N. Write down those two letters on your page. Now, take another random book off the shelf and look through it until you find the letters I and N in succession. Whatever the character following “IN” is—say, for instance, it’s a space—that’s the next letter of your book. And now you take down yet another book and look for an N followed by a space, and once you find one, mark down what character comes next. Repeat until you have a paragraph “IN NO IST LAT WHEY CRATICT FROURE BIRS GROCID
Jun 14, 2021 3:30 PM
Md Rifat
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