My reply: In the early 90's, I had just worked for several years and my younger sister lived with me. She didn't have a job and the clothing store was mainly for her. I got married back then, so we three people ran the store together. We bought clothes from Hanzheng street in Wuhan, in Hubei province. The street was very famous for its commercial wholesale at that time. We bought those clothes just according to our personal preference and the seasons. The transportation and the security of society were not good back then. To save time, we usually take the night bus to Wuhan. To protect the passengers, the bus owner hired a strong man holding a thick iron stick sitting on the front door in case the robbers. It was said that some people in some areas in Henan province would rob the bus during the night, though I have never experienced that situation. Maybe after three years, my sister got a job, so we closed the store. I have ridden a bicycle for about one year. Yes, cycling brings me a lot of joy. Sometimes I almost don't want to get off it. I once tried walking, but I don't think my legs could stand it. My legs often hurt if I walked a little long. My first bicycle is a stable speed common bicycle. The one I was riding recently is a variable speed one, and I have other variable speed ones. If you were in China, no doubt I could give it to you. From your response, I know we are both happy people and have smart points towards life. This attitude is very precious that nothing can compare. So living healthily and happily is our ultimate goal. (I don’t intend to join competitive cycling because I am not a young man, but if there is competitive cycling for old people, I don’t think I will decline it.)
Jun 23, 2021 2:39 PM