Hello guys 👋 Hope you are doing great ! At the outset, I am planning to study abroad for further studies, and I am preparing for english tests - IELTS, TOEFL. which are required for admissions in top universities and visa applications etc. I require help from native English speakers who can assist or help me till my test takes place, for various skills- speaking , listening and writing etc. I specifically wish to improve my fluency in speaking English. Apart from this we can always learn about cultures and other areas of interests. I would be grateful if someone could help me out or refer me to someone 🙂 Thanks.😊
May 2, 2022 9:30 PM
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If you're interested in finding out how valuable a lesson is, I'm here to help. 🎯 Instant Lessons are now open! Book a class, and get a personalized lesson with plans for your future growth! 📚👩‍🏫 Good luck with your language learning journey, and I hope to see you soon! 😄👍
May 3, 2022 6:42 PM
Hello Gourav, For your speaking and listening practice, you should consider joining us for English TV Club at the Language TV Club. We will be discussing a show in the month of July and it is free to join right now.
Jun 22, 2022 5:53 PM
Hello, thank you for reaching out. If you’re interested in working on your pronunciation for improved communication, you’re welcome to contact me. I’ll be offering pronunciation training on Italki; if this is something that you might be interested in, feel free to get in touch. I’m a qualified teacher with a British accent; I’m from England, but I’m based in Thailand. Adriane
May 7, 2022 11:47 AM