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There are all sorts of EFL teachers so let me share some points I found are perfectly matching my experience. Living abroad, you’re bound to meet a ton of different types of folks—both locals and expats alike. After meeting dozens upon dozens of teachers you begin recognizing patterns. Here are five types of expat teachers that I’ve encountered: 1. The Lifer Let me start by saying that there are a few types of Lifers, but they all have something in common—they are here to stay. They can’t imagine moving back home ever and have successfully nestled themselves into a community, they love their school and thei job! 2. The “Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed” Teacher Equipped with an optimistic outlook on life, the "Bright-eye and Bushy-tailed" teacher has come to change the world. They’re here to improve the lives of someone and will stop at nothing to make sure they do. They are typically younger, ask a lot of questions and are looking for ways to improve the education sector however they can. 3. The Party Animal I have encountered a few "Party Animal" teachers myself. They’re usually on the younger side (before hangovers start lasting multiple days), and teaching is just a way to fund the next night on Wild Road. 4. The New Career Teacher This person is usually middle-aged and is looking for a change. They have usually worked many years in a completely different field, and have found a reason to leave their home and do something they’ve always wanted to— teach English abroad. I belong to this category I would say :-) 5. The “Directionless” Teacher It’s okay to be floundering a little bit. They may have had a previous career or have just graduated from college. They have moved abroad to see the world, explore themselves, and hopefully find some direction before they move back home. And you? You can find this lovely article written by Jennalyn Christopherson here:
Nov 3, 2021 2:32 PM
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