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_ Vesak Festival _ As soon as someone says Vesak, we reminded the Lord Buddha.If talk about the past story, Prince Gautama [ later became Lord Buddha] was born into a wealthy family in ancient India. However he had an easy life, the prince was moved by suffering in the world. When went for his way to the royal park he saw four omens. He was 29 years old, legend dictates, he was jolted out of his idleness by these four omens, he saw in succession an old man, a sick person, a corpse being carried to cremation, and a monk in meditation. He began to think about old age, disease, and death and decided to follow the way of the monk.He decided to give up his lavish lifestyle and endure poverty. When this didn’t fulfill him, he promoted the idea of the “Middle Way,” which means existing between two extremes, the rich life and poor life. He sought a life without social indulgences but also without deprivation.After six years of searching, Buddhists believe Gautama found enlightenment while meditating under a Bodhi tree. He spent the rest of his life teaching others about how to achieve this spiritual state. After attaining Enlightenment, in next 45 years Lord Buddha taught others way to attain Nirwana. The birth of the Lord Buddha, the enlightenment and the attainment of Pirinivan took place on the same day. We called that day as the Vesak full moon Poy day. So the festival reminds us the those tree events. It falls in May every year. Every buddhist celebrate this in a grand scale. Buddhists decorate their houses with flags, light oil lamps , make colorful and beautiful lanterns. During the Vesak festival, It's very common to see Vesak Pantheons. In every temple, meritorious activities are done and the buddhist observe Sil on the Poya Day itself. Alms giving, Bana preach and singing songs for the Vesak festival are common. Vesak festival is very mesmerizing festival.
Nov 3, 2021 5:21 PM
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Hi ! My name is Cigdem. I’m from Turkey but currently living in California. If you wanna practice with me please add a comment.
Nov 4, 2021 4:22 AM
Rashmi Senarathne
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