Annaik Gutierrez
Hi, I’m Annaik, I’m a nurse and I would like to get a partner to practice English with. I’m native Spanish speaker so I can help you with you Spanish no matter what level you are. I’m animal lover 💕🐕🐶
Nov 5, 2021 7:46 AM
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Hey I'm interested in practicing together I'm from England and currently b1 b2 in Spanish
November 8, 2021
Hi,Annaik.I am also an animal lover, I really love those furry animals, they are really healing, I love them!!!🥰 Although my English is not very good, but if you don't mind, I can practice English with you.😄
November 5, 2021
Yes we can practice if you want 👋🏻
November 5, 2021