What does 鈍い mean depending if read as にぶい or のろい? Could you please give me an example sentence with にぶい and another one with のろい?
Nov 5, 2021 12:54 PM
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にぶい このナイフは鈍いから、よく切れない。 のろい カメは歩くのが鈍い(=遅い)。
November 6, 2021
Dear Natalia, にぶい and のろい can be used for action and reaction. But it's different. にぶい means blunt or dull. ex. この包丁(ほうちょう)は切(き)れ味(あじ)がにぶいです。 This knife is dull. 彼は反応(はんのう)がにぶいです。 He is unresponsive. のろい means slow. ex. 私は亀(かめ)のように歩(ある)くのがのろいです。 I am slow to walk like turtle(tortoise). tortoise has the meaning of slow person. 彼は仕事がのろいです。 He works slow at work. (His work is slow.) ☆It may have the same meaning, but basically, "のろい" is used to mean "ゆっくりしている様子(looks slow/ Apariencia lenta)" , and "にぶい" is used to mean "感度が悪い様子(insensitive/ insensible). If you use them as meaning of slow movement, you can use either. Thank you very much.
November 5, 2021
【にぶい】:dull, obtuse, blunt, etc... 感度や感覚(sense)に使います。 →彼(かれ)は感(かん)が鈍(にぶ)い:He is obtuse. →これは切れ味(きれあじ)が鈍(にぶ)いナイフです。:This is a blunt knife. 【のろい】:slow 動き(motion)の遅さを表す時に使います。 →彼(かれ)は計算(けいさん)が鈍(のろ)い。:He is slow at figures. →彼女(かのじょ)は足(あし)が鈍(のろ)い。:She is slow-footed.
November 5, 2021
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