Nov 5, 2021 3:54 PM
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Your reading is actually very clear. If you are interested in improving your pronunciation in English, please focus on your dark /l/ ( L that appears after vowels). This sound doesn't exist in Mandarin, but in English it is common. You didn't use it in the words "small village". It sounded like you said Smow viwage. I have 10+ years experience with Chinese natives so you probably are circling your lips rather than keeping them wide like they need to be. The other points that I would mention to you are regarding acccent. You use British English with the words puma, spotted, and 45. To make it sound more American you would say "puma= pooma, like pool" and "spotted= spoded, the t sounds like a d." You should feel proud of your English pronunciation. You just need a little fine tuning, but you have come very far!
November 28, 2021