how to express "I love you" in Chinese 中国人真的很少说“我爱你”吗? 答案是:没错。 Don't ask me why,it is just truth.😝 May be we believe "Actions speak louder than words"?🧐 we can express love throug text or message but hardly ever say it directly. there are some symbolic numbers you can send to the person you love or care. 521/520 it has similar Pronounciation with "我爱你" ,and it means I love you.🌹 1314 "一生一世", it means "forever". 5211314🌹 "我爱你一生一世"I love you forever.🌹 On 20 / 21th. May, you can give your sweetheart a red packet with 521 yuan.(E- red packet is more popular nowadays.) 每年五月二十日或者五月二十一日,你可以给你在乎的人一个红包。(如今电子红包/微信红包很流行哦!)🤑 Leave your comment and share your view.🤗🤗🤗
Nov 6, 2021 10:33 AM