Carolina Restrepo
Hi everyone! I'm Carolina from Colombia and and learning some languages like French , English and Japanese . I need a Japanese teacher who can help to check my Japanese Level .I've been studying Japanese for the past 5 months all by myself I learned around 1000 kanji or maybe a bit more 🤔 and I know around 3000 words in Japanese . I want to continue my Japanese studies also I want to prepare for JPLT text and I'd like to learn Japanese for business as well but focused in customer service ,since the company I work for is a company with multilingual employees and they're going to open a line for customer service in Japanese ☺️ my native language is Spanish but I can speak English as well ... So no worries . Thank you very much for Reading my post and I'll be waiting for you ☺️
Nov 6, 2021 2:31 PM
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Hello Carolina ! My name is Takeshi. I live in Nara, Japan. I graduated from national Osaka University, but my English listening, conversation, and writing are beginner . Therefore I'm really serious and looking for friends who can exchange English and Japanese regularly every week in culture and everyday life. I have IDs for Line, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. The ID of my line is "bokobe03". The Skype ID is "live: .cid.13fed76014d40db0". Please add one of these. I would like to study using your reference website that can be used to exchange English and Japanese with these apps, so please let me know and send to me. There is a time difference between them, so let's adjust the conversation time to decide. Also, if we make friends with each other, I would like to present Japanese ORIGAMI and sweets. I look forward to a wonderful reply from Carolina . Best regards Takeshi
November 10, 2021
Note: I'm a bit shy so I get nervous when I speak in other languages so I'd love to have several conversational practices in order to overcome to it like role play and so on...
November 6, 2021