Hello everyone, I wrote a short story with the new vocabulary I learned. Could anybody help me correct this text? The seller is wearing a really nice dress today. She is also wearing a scarf and gloves because of the cold weather outside. Before she goes to work, she is looking for her shoelaces in the basement. Unfortunately, she can't find them there. The seller goes upstairs in the living room and opens the drawer. Luckily, there are the laces. She puts them on her boots and goes outside. Because of the weather, she will go to work by cab. The cab driver refuses to drive her to the city center during the rush hour. She gets very angry and yells at him: "Sir, my purpose in life is to sell people healthy food. I'm always nice and polite but you are an a###." She runs to the bus station in order to take the next bus. The bus driver looks at her and says: "No offense, but your shoelaces are undone and your shoes are dirty. Please clean your shoes before you go on my bus." Her eyes fill with tears of rage and frustration. She gets out of the bus and goes home. She thinks "Fortunately, my vacation is upon me."
Nov 9, 2021 9:46 AM