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Hello everyone !! I looking for a language partner. I would like to improve my English. I am level’s A2. And I can help you to learn the French 😁
Nov 21, 2020 7:51 AM
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Hi, my name is Mira! I am a upper interediate English speaker. I can help you with it! I have been learning French for a few months. For exchange can you help me with it? I would like get to know new people and culrutes.
8 days ago
I also need a Partner😬
8 days ago
Bonjour! Je pourrais t’aider :) Je m’intéresse aux chiens, à la psychologie et aux séries.
8 days ago
Hi, Emma, I am a native English speaker and a French beginner. I currently live in Europe— maybe we are in the same time zone. I would enjoy a language exchange with you 🙂
8 days ago
Hi Emma. I would be thankful if you help me to learn French cause I am so basic in it. Then I will do my best for you in order to English.
8 days ago
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