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What do you think of the shanghai girl? 你觉得上海女孩怎么样?
Feb 2, 2008 1:49 PM
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I mostly enjoy the company of shanghainese girls compared to others.......I find them to be sexy and very witty. Any man who has nothing but negative remarks to say about the shanghainese women and how they've been mistreated is most likely not wearing the pants in any relationship they are in whether with a chinese women or a western one.

July 6, 2008
many people said they don't like shanghai girl because they think shanghai girl is too arrogant, but the shanghai girl i know is so nice to me, so one can not reflect all.
June 26, 2008
I agree that~
March 22, 2008
i don't think every shanghai girl is materislistic,every city will have more different girl
March 19, 2008
I've been there a couple of times. I don't think very highly of the women there. What do you say?
March 10, 2008
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