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What are some your Chinese/Taiwanese dramas? I watch many Chinese/Taiwanese dramas. Meteor Garden I & II, Love Contract, Tokyo Juliet, Hana-Kimi, The Magicians of Love, Lavendar, IT Started with A Kiss, Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, Magic Ring, Love of the Condor Heroes, Magical Love, Heaven's Wedding Dress, Smiling Pasta, and etc.
Mar 23, 2008 3:56 AM
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I'm watching "爱就宅一起" aka "ToGetHer", and it's pretty funny. I really like the characters.
May 31, 2011
I LOVEEE ''Dreams Link''. After that, I really like ''Devil beside you'', ''Prince turns into frog'', ''The legend of eight immortals'' 
April 27, 2010
oo, I love Meteor Garden too...
anyways, I like Mars, a game about love, silence, 别爱我
March 31, 2009

maybe <dreams link>

July 28, 2008
Hey Cade!
Yes, I totally agree!
I loved Tokyo Juliet! Wu Zun and Ariel is a fantastic job!!
July 26, 2008
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