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vietnam food how do you feel about vietnam food ? If you never taste it i think you should try ^^
Apr 16, 2008 1:11 AM
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so delicious! what about chinese food ? do you like  have you ever ate it
July 29, 2008

All of  you are exact, vietnamese food are awesome^^. I live in hcm city and i have a lot of chance to taste all food here, and the dish i like most is '' banh xeo'', it has many incuded vegetable and strong sauce. Besides it, we also have some kinds of ''lau''( soup), each kind has it's own flavor, i'm so proud of it ^^

July 28, 2008
I love vietnese food~! try the "pho" =)  ^^ yum yum
July 28, 2008
Umhum,Hi i line in VietNam and i have tried lots of food of my country.The food in south , north or middle parts is very dilicious,although they have a little difference about flavour.Ex:The food of south and middile part is more piquant and more sweet than one of north because people of each part have distinct eating tast ,but i love all.I'm sure lots of foreign tourist to my country is at my with opinion^^. 
July 28, 2008
wa..thanks for the recommendations. I love noodles and spring rolls. I ate spring rolls when I was in India and they were good. Thanks so much for telling me. (^-^)
April 23, 2008
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