Young Korean people - Friendly or not?

I have tried talking to some young Korean people. Simply because I want them to help me with my Korean which is at the beginning level. But most of them often appear unwilling to help. They just answer my questions and even don't ask me again, which makes me feel like I'm a asking-too-much person. And the conversation tends to go on one-side. Probably they don't want to make friends with people from developing countries? But I think not all of young Korean people are like that. Just because I haven't looked for the right person yet.

What do you think about my opinion? Please give comment.

Nov 17, 2015 2:20 AM
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oh, Sweetheart, you got hurt. 

I am not here by trying to defend young Korean people. but I can tell, This is nothing to do with a developing country. It just depends on person I guess which means you haven't met a right person yet. 


I however admit that Korea is the worst country of having discrimination. 

Such a shame of my country, Korea.

I found that many intelligent Korean think pretty same as much as I do. So, We are chaning our law and regulations to remove any kinds of discrimination. We are even trying to give more advantages to muticultrual families.

But it doesn't basically move people's heart. 

I guess that is why the one of Mogolian princesses said 'Living in Korea is so fun but it's the hell.'


Yes, there are many ingrorant people. It is not only young people but old people.

Some says they think they are better. ummm,,somewhat I agree. that's true anyway in somewhat. sometimes I can even respect their attitude and pride.

It is just because it's their choices who they become and what people they do want to get along with. I can't judge on that. It's their life.

It's like you don't judge Vietnamese if they want to get along with Laosian or Cambodian. I would not comment any other countries. You see what i am saying? 


I am telling you. I've been refused and blocked by so many English native speakers. but It's absolutely nothing to do with being friendly or not. It is just their right to be my friend or not to be.

They are just being careful. Because they don't know who I am. and I Know informing them through internet is almost impossible. you never know until you know. 


You don't have to be sad or depressed. Don't make you feel bad yourself.

you are not a too-much-asking person. BE STRONG!!

I hope you will find right friends soon. 

November 17, 2015

You're basically asking someone to be your teacher.  You didn't mention if you're offering money or not, so I'm going to assume that you're not.  So you're asking someone to work for free.


How does this sound to you:  "Linh, I need you to do me some favors.  Go take my suit to the cleaners, clean my kitchen, take out my trash, take my car to have it washed and call me when you're done.  Oh and by the way, I won't pay you.  I just want you to do these things for me.  The only thing I am willing to give you is friendship if you do these things."  


Would you do it?  Probably not.  But you're asking people to work for free and then wondering why they're not jumping at the chance.

November 27, 2015

Hi, dear)
judging by my experience, young korean is really good(or maybe I just met a "right" people?)

I suppose maybe the problem can lay into "beginning level"?

I mean its always easier to communicate with someone who already knows the basics itself and asks only about some slang things and so on...

Now we have nearly the same situation with korean language. It becomes popular and many beginners start to learn it, but some are serious and some are not. Then imagine yourself in some korean person place when you try to help one of though "not serious" people. You give your time and strength to help but at the end person decided that it's enough for him and that's all.

and then a similar situation will repeat a few more times

what would you feel after that?)


so, don't take it too much to your heart.The people are different - the situations are different. So, sooner or later but you will find the right person who will help you.


p.s. and don't be ashamed to ask question. There is nothing bad in it. The curiosity is the best things ever!!!

wish you good luck!!!

November 17, 2015

Alright. As for a native korean, Let me explain this to you.

Let's assume that I go to a cafe near my house. All of sudden, someone go straight over and try to talk to me. At first, I'll try to speak kindly to her. The next time, I may not talk or ask so nicely. Of course I'm not trying to be rude, but I must feel strange and awkward about talking the stranger. Yeah. Just a glance and a talk, that means not a friend to many koreans.

However jumping on her and saying "I don't wanna talk to you." feel awkward. So I might smile quietly for a moment and ...there would be uncomfortable silence.

I'd like to say that the eaisest way to make talkative friends is to belongs to a formal (and small) organization. Have you ever belonged to a small Dong-ah-ri?(동아리 : small group for hobby in universities). If you already have a friend, try to be formally introduced from one of your friends. That's why so many 소개팅 and 미팅 is famous for young koreans. They have thoughted that those kinds of meeting is good to choose people that they can trust.

I also like to say that new religions have appeared by the 1970's and many koreans have made caution....but it is a long story. Just remind that koreans have wariness about strangers.

Of course there is some exception. I mean few exceptions. Like common intrest, falling in love, Having a big mouth sicen birth or something.

Occasionally, strangers accost me in the college or street and declare that they know me and I feel uncomfortable too.

I don't think it's only a matter of language. I just want to say you must be trusted in careful and repetitive ways.

November 27, 2015

Hi Linh,

Sorry to hear that..

First of all, there is very small percentage of Koreans who actually feel comfortable with speaking in English although the most are good at reading and grammar.

That's simply because they didn't get enough chance to make foreign friends and therefore naturally tend to separate them from Korean society.

For sure, it is not because you are from developing country.

As you mentioned, you just need to find the right people to talk to.

You may know it already but there is an app called "MEET-UP" and you can see many language exchange meetups going on in Korea. I'm sure you can make many good friends there since they are dying to talk in English! =)


November 26, 2015
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