Justin Royek
Problem with Italki

There is one problem with Italki. They will not let you add more than 8 languages. It's frustrating because I want to add more languages on here because I speak more than 8 languages. I want to write notebook entries in Spanish or Italian.


I am frustrated with people editing their posts to their personal tastes based on what they think is right.


I want to write an entry in Croatian, but I can only select Serbian because it will not let me use moer than 8 languages. There has to be a better way. Why can't major polyglots enter more than 8 languages?


People like Tim Doner speak 23 languages for heaven's sake.  People like Benny Lewis speak more than 8 languages. I want to put down more languages on my profile. I want to be able to write entries in Italian or Spanish.


I like the Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese languages better than French. I have yet to see my French Italki entries twisted like my Serbian, Polish, and Russian entries have been. I bet you people are secretly laughing me because of the way that I speak them. My Ukrainian entries have been twisted, too.


Where do you write complaints about the site, anyway?



Nov 22, 2015 10:50 PM
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contact the italki team

November 22, 2015
November 22, 2015

You can write them an e-mail on: [email protected]


contact them directly right here: 

http://support.italki.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ;


Good luck :)

November 23, 2015