Welcome my new friends

Hello there,

first I'm happy for being a member of this great society I see here many enthusiastic or passionate helpful people. I hope you help me correct my mistakes.


I'm Hamdy From Egypt but I really belong to the earth or our planet, I'm 26 years old. I'm a graduate of Management Information System since 2011.


I studied programming and I was a programmer, But now I'm only focusing on English because I wish to be near native English speaker not just good. and I want to be able to read English books and novels easily and understand English movies. I think with English I would have many opportunities in work, fun, and relationships because with English I can form new many relationships.

I love Education and teaching and teachers but now I'm not a teacher. My friends tell me I'm good at teaching and explaining things I've already know.

I might go abroad in the near future for either tourism or learning English.

I believe that politeness and respectful is very very important and it's one of the most important thing in Human ( I mean mankind ) and also all religions motivate for this.


I hate politics and don't understand anything about it. I only hope all people live together and have fun and good lives.

Nov 24, 2015 2:29 PM