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Your favourite ways to learn English

Hi everyone,


I am a native English speaker, but I am interested in how people who want to learn English do it. A lot of people encourage others by saying you must immerse yourself in the culture. So, after learning a little bit of English, what has been you favourite way to learn or absorb English? Please give specific examples or experience. Eg: Somebody said the television show 'Friends' really helped them learn English.


Waiting to hear from you all :)

Nov 25, 2015 10:17 PM
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s around 12 years old when i started learning english. I enjoyed reading short stories. Like the black cat or leg of lamb. Then I was crazy about harry potter and I couldn't wait for the books to be translated into spanish so I just made the effort to read them in english.

November 26, 2015

That's cool, when we were young our parents use to tell us English 'nursery rhymes' or short stories. They were simple, interesting and easy to learn the language. It seems these kind of stories are used to teach languages a lot. Did you know? I have never read the Harry Potter books, I am sorry :( However I know it has been translated into so many languages! 

November 26, 2015