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what's the key point to be successful? i ask for a help.a friend give me a lesson.Insight me a lot! 10 keys to success. 1. Always be honest 2. do what you say you are going to do 3. communicate all the time, espically when you can't do #2 4. do and give more than is required of/from you 5. ask a lot of questions 6. help others find answers 7. treat people the way you want to be treated 8. always be positive 9. network all the time 10. find others to help and mentior this one is additional. don't mistake kindness for weakness.
14 feb 2008 06:18
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This should be on number one, because it's a major influence on your life: 1. Make sure you are born in a wealthy/succesful family.
17 febbraio 2008
I'd add -- Don't give up.
16 febbraio 2008
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