In Spain there are different superstitions and they have its meaning and origin. I wonder which are the most common superstitions in your country and if you know its meaning.


For instance:

It is said that if a black cat crosses your way, you will have bad luck. 

Its origin is in the past, when cats were related to witchcraft and people thought witches changed themselves into black cats.




Dec 20, 2015 5:40 PM
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There are lots of superstitions in Turkey. One of them is "Wish upon a shooting star".

The origin of this tradition is based on the first century. According to the Greek astronomer Ptolemy's view, the gods would sometimes look at the earth. In these times, the stars fall or shoot. Therefore, people believed that they made their wishes while God was looking at them so it was more likely to be real.

December 20, 2015

Some that come to mind:

Don't walk under a ladder or you will have bad luck.

If you smash a mirror you will have seven years bad luck.

Don't put new shoes on the table as it is bad luck.

If you see a magpie on its own it is bad luck.

Don't touch the cracks in the pavement as it is bad luck.

Don't cross someone on the stairs as it is bad luck.

Friday the 13th is just generally unlucky.

(And the black cat superstition is also the same.)


It's a good job I'm not superstitious with all rubbish that to worry about...

December 20, 2015

Thanks for sharing this supersition Funda! I had heart about it but I had no idea about its meaning :)

December 20, 2015

I was said that magpies are a kind of bird that fly together (in groups of two) so if you only see one of them it might mean the other has died, that's why it's not considered a good thing to see one of them. In Spain we don't have this superstition, but last year when I was attending English classes a language assistance from the UK told us about it and I thought it was curious!


I am not superstitious either, but I enjoy knowing where it comes from. Its meaning.


Except from the magpie superstition and the cracks in the pavement, we have the same superstitions in Spain. The only difference is that instead of being Friday the 13th is Tuesday the 13th. 

December 20, 2015