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PERSONAL: How do I move on from my father's death?

There is no greater pain than losing the one you love. 



Dec 28, 2015 5:27 AM
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The most important way to start working through your pain and sadness is TO ACCEPT THE PAIN. I know the loss of your dad can easily take away your emotions and impact on who you feel you are. You won't feel the same after this loss and it is important to accept that this is a normal state.


TALKS TO YOUR CLOSED ONES be it friends or family. They know you are going through a really difficult time and it is important to share your emotions, your ups and downs and your fears with others. Remember that your inner circle of family members are probably experiencing similar emotions and maybe you can help one another through this devastating time.


I know this may sound childish, but allow yourself to CRY. I know It's going to be hard but It's a normal outlet. If you feel that you need to maintain a brave face in front of others, cry in your own personal space, whenever the urge takes you. But realize also, that there is no losing face or shame in crying in front of anybody during a time like this. Everybody can imagine how terrible it must be to lose a father and they will be supportive.


To conclude, Know that you will always be your dad's child. He may have died but you still continue to have a relationship with him. You will always be his child and he will always live on in your heart. Others will know the person he was through you; so treasure the memories and be ready to share them with others as time moves on.


I'm really sorry for your loss and I want you to be strong and fulfil his dreams. It's the greatest tribute you can ever give.

December 28, 2015

Everyone has a personal way to deal with grief over a father or a mother.  Pray to God, and think of the happy times that you had with him, don't dwell over the problems, and know that he is in a better place full of love and happiness.  You will never not feel the loss, but at times you will smile when you think about him.  Keep up with the good times that you will have now and know that in time you will feel better and celebrate his life. 

December 28, 2015

Thank you all! 


I know exactly what to do, but had to post the discussion to let go of the feelings. 


My Dad remarried when my Mom died years ago. He did not have a hard time making my siblings and I agree to it; we supported him. My Stepmom has been with us for 18 years already. We try as often as we can (siblings and I are in other countries) to chat with her via Skype and FB. We intend to take care of her, the same way we took care of our Dad, till her last breath. My Stepmom is the only parent we have now.

December 28, 2015

May his soul rest in peace! Knowing the fact that your father will be very happy if you move on and live a good life, can facilitate doing that. 

Best regards! 

December 28, 2015

Just always think that he went to a better place❤️

December 28, 2015
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