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I have been learning spanish for a while and I love it so much but am unable to understaand 100% of what i hear I understand like 90%. Am getting better at speaking and can speak fairly good but I cant seem to plow over this last 10% tat holds me back from understanding some of the finer points of speech. And it makes me really angry! Also some accents are REALLY hard to understand at first but i think that is common. 


Does anybody have any suggestions for getting over this and acheiving a level of fluency??

Dec 31, 2015 5:59 AM
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90% is really good! Much better than me.  Do you work with transcripts? On Italki, you could post a link to the audio clip along with your transcription and ask for input, probably as long as it's not too long.  In fact, I might do this! 

December 31, 2015

Hi Michael.


Listening/Understanding tends to be a very challenging skill for language learners because it involves a number of sub-skills, such as:


Recognising individual phonemes (= sounds)
Recognising phoneme sequences which form words
Recognising word boundaries
Recognising stressed syllables
Recognising intonation contours
Recognising syllable reduction etc.


That's why it is sometimes difficult to aim at 100%. During my MA studies, I prepared a worksheet for students of English to practise these sub-skills with songs. (It can easily be adapted to any language.) If you are interested in getting a copy of it, drop me a line and I'll send it to you.


Best wishes,




December 31, 2015

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December 31, 2015