How do you celebrate new year's Eve?

I love this holiday. All my family meet at my granpa's house to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the new one. The best thing is that in new year's eve I am able to see relatives that I don't usually see through the year. So, I always take advantage to hang out with everybody there, with this I mean uncles, cousins, aunts, sisters and brothers in law and parents. 

Soooo.. let's get started :D


Happy new year 2016 everyone!!

Dec 31, 2015 6:56 PM
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 I celebrate it with my friends. Usually at a house party. For me it's like a normal party, but with more food and more alcohol, oh and with the counting at the midnight :-) 

January 1, 2016

Wish you a great year :)

December 31, 2015