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New year, new language, new group (Swedish)


Hello dear Swedish speakers and learners! I have just started Swedish on Duolingo. I am absolutely beginner. I have always heard that the best way to learn a language is to start to practise it from day one. I want to experience it with Swedish. What about having a whatsapp group for learning Swedish? I am sure you all are better than me :)) We can cooperate and have chance to practise more. Even one new word a day would help it. I kindly ask natives also to join in it. I would be very happy if you want to help.
So.. What do you think? Would you like to give it a try? :))
You can answer here or just send a private message. Hope to talk to you soon!

Jan 3, 2016 1:26 AM
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The group is still active. :)

November 7, 2016
This is a really good initiative!!! Is it still going on? I would love to join ;)
November 6, 2016
Yes, Meike of course you can join. Please send me your number :))
April 8, 2016

Hey Julio, could you send me your number please?

January 4, 2016

Hi, I wanna learn your language so when can I call u ?

April 9, 2016
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