Free resources for learning Mandarin

This is just a laundry list of the resources that I considered to be useful, for some of you learning Mandarin as a second language: http://php.markv.nl/public/TBox.pdf


Good luck with your Mandarin learning...

Jan 21, 2016 11:20 AM
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Good thread! Here's some of my favourite Chinese learning websites, in descending order.


www.hackingchinese.com (focuses on <em>how</em> to learn Chinese, not <em>what</em> to learn. It's revolutionised the way I learn language in general)

www.nciku.com (the best dictionary I've found)

www.fluentu.com (focuses on listening. The best features require a paid subscription, but even the free stuff is really helpful)

www.popupchinese.com (really nice Chinese learning podcasts)


Any other nice shares?

January 21, 2016

Here is a HSK learning channel recommended for you, there are lots of videos about how to improve HSK skills here. 


January 30, 2016

Pronunciation per syllable:



Test your tonal hearing:



Pleco is the best program for Chinese that I've found, but some features cost money.

January 23, 2016

Just checked out "www.nciku.com" from Alan's list. Really liked their choices for the "Word of the day". The audio's for Mandarin are very high quality, spot on to the CCTV standard Mandarin accent. I have immediately recommended to my friends who are learning Mandarin.

January 22, 2016