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children should allow to visit t.v. alone or not. and why? this week topic you know now , then start voice discussion  with any member of the group and post the your conculsion in points at the discussion board (in brief)
May 28, 2008 8:24 PM
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i agree. children shouldn't be watching alone the tv. some programs may affect the behavior of a child. eventhough the kid is just watching a simple cartoon, there should be someone to guide him/her whenever she is confused. that is why there is parental guidance in the tv monitor.
June 5, 2008
I think that there isn't "the key", golden answer yes or no. I am a person who as a child was often alone, I was eating with tv, sometimes my parents were leaving me at home with turned on tv and as we can see (ok, you maybe you haven't had this opportunity yet ) I am normal girl now. (maybe not totally normal haha) To say more I realy not so often watch tv, I prefer good movies and watching Japanese anime on dvd /net. In tv I watch only tv news. Well, we should think a little about this what is bad in tv. And we should remember that not every child is the same and one day part of them will chose by self what's better for him/ her. :) And one more thing. If you tell to child "You musn't watch tv alone" he/she will miss it so much and envy his friends. Such situation isn't good for 2 sides. Children shouldn't watch too much tv, but programs they like and which are allowed more or less to their age...why not?? ; )
June 3, 2008
i think children should not allow to watch t.v alnoe........why? i will answer next time.let me thimk
June 1, 2008
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