Como utilizar "lo" o "yo" ?

When do I use the word "lo" and what is the difference if I use "yo" instead in Spanish? 

Jan 24, 2016 4:14 AM
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Yo and lo are very different. Lo would really replace the English "it"


For the example above: Lo voy a buscar really is, (Yo lo voy a buscar).


However, we do not really have a word for it in Spanish, so don't take it literally. It just replaces the function.


For example: If I said, "Yo voy a buscar" then the person would ask..."buscar qué?, but if you say "Yo lo voy a buscar" you have already been talking about "it" and it is understood what "it" is. Because of  conjugation, "yo" is not neccessary.

January 24, 2016

you can use "lo" when you are referring to a question about you, example: lo voy a buscar? 
Translated : I'm going to look for?, however if you use "I" in the same sentence sounds more like a verb , like an action

example : I will look

so the difference is that " what " is to ask about something that you do , in the future tense , and " I" is to indicate something you did or is doing these past tense , present tense.

January 24, 2016