Elderly People in Your Country In countries I happened to live there was a disturbing behaviour typical to the majority of middle-aged and elderly people I came across. I was perplexed by the following question, "Why do these people seem to stop growing spiritually?" Some of them were completely lost in their prejudices unwilling to look at something with new eyes. I hope I'm not being unjust to them. Well then, when I started to be interested more in the outer world, I noticed that there were elderly people in other countries having an entirely different lifestyle, which seemed to be full of activity and passion. What is the situation in your local area? What do you think has caused such an outcome? Thanks a lot for reading this post.
Jan 29, 2016 7:08 AM
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It is an interesting point to be explored in terms of global aging trend. 


I consider what you mentioned and observed has nothing to do with the country you are living in, instead, it is more correlated to the age of referred people. In general, the older you are getting, the less flexible you might probably become no matter what country you are observing. I would rather say people would be liable to judge a person by one's previous experience and knowledge learned as they were young. 


It is said people with higher education are apt to live more happily and flexible to the changing of the environment which often suggests they are less stereotyped, whereas there is no strong evidence to identy the theory so far. 

April 13, 2016
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April 13, 2016
At the end of the day they are old people. Grumpy, old, mumbling and sad ;). Having said that, I think, in general it''s a matter of perspective on yourself and the lives that we live.  It is also related to philosophy and living standards. Would I felt happy and energetic if I were poor and old? Respect is also an important aspect, I mean, the less respect the old people get the less you expect to see them being passionate about life. Finding an activity that could fill your life with positive emotions at an old age is not the easiest task, unless you are  a budist  monk or simply gifted from the birth with unmeasurable optimism.
January 29, 2016

Interesting observation, this is very very true and i know the exact reasons why it works this way.

It's due to in different cultures there are different roles for different people and genders. So in many cultures adults are given more power or influence you can say, whereas younger ones are given lesser power. So it sort of balance that up. For example in South Asian cultures or subcontinental cultures ( India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal and Sri Lanka ) adults are very powerful and sometimes it goes to very extremes, they decide your marriage partners and they even decide what you study and so on. Whereas young ones are supposed to obey the adults even when they're wrong for as in respect. However, as cultures are involving, this trend is slowly and steadily dying now. I hope this is helpful and if you want to know more you can ask.


January 29, 2016