My friends! we need to talk.lets 'face' it! Hi ! I'm a Chinese student and I am learning English for a long time  and I would like to improve my English :) So I'm looking for someone who can practice spoken English with me.

I also can help for Chinese and anyone who have any questions on my country and my culture ! 

See you soon :)
Jan 30, 2016 12:42 AM
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I have been learning English for a long time*  I can also help with Chinese and anyone who has*

I'd Love to chat with you! My skype is coltonpickeirng

January 30, 2016

Hi! I would be happy to help you practice your English since I know it's hard to learn how to speak by yourself, what do you prefer to use when talking? if you use Skype you can add me there, my ID is Yukari.hc

Hope to hear from you (^^)

January 31, 2016
If you interest in, feel free to contact me, my skype is thieutulangdu_kh. I also want to improve my English too.
January 30, 2016

Me too, I would love to practice English together.

This is my Skype id: nawfal.ichkou

January 30, 2016