friendship how can we get a lot of friends and what characteristics combine us? sorry for  possibility mistakes.. and please correct them)
Feb 13, 2016 10:34 AM
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You don't need a 'lot' of friends, you need a few quality ones.
February 14, 2016
Just start pay attention to all people around  you then you can expect have more and more firends day by day. No need to make a lot of friends on purpose.
February 13, 2016

If you find out the answer, tell me please. Lately, I realized that people are becoming empty and selfish. They care too much about phisycal appearance and less about your good behaviors. So, even when you are very kind to them, for some, it doesn´t matter anything. So, you can find someone to talk a bit. However, to consider as a true friend, and realize in the same way that you are considered as a true friend,  is too rare you find out (at least for me). 

True friendship is an easy concept to me: Two or more people who care about each other, keep in touch regularly and are always willing to help each other. Besides that, all of them must having respect, humility and honesty between each other.

February 13, 2016
There are many ways to make a lot of friends. One way is when we go to school. When we go to school, we meet a lot of people that are around our age such as in our classes. We can meet someone new in our class and become friends! Another way is by joining a club or a team. By joining a club or team, we are able to meet people with the same interests. If I like to play chess and I join the chess club, I can meet many people who play chess as well! 
February 13, 2016
to find friends is a hard work but I think that it depends our personality because when you are a good person and your face reflects good character this work is becoming easy. 
February 13, 2016
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