Karen Arustamyan
The role of the teacher

What is the role of the teacher in the language learning process? Is a teacher only a guide?

Should he/she teach or show the way/help how to learn the language?  

I think there is a great difference between "teaching a foreign language" and "help students to learn a foreign language"

So if some students don't have progress in the learning who is to be blamed? Teachers or students?

That's a bit difficult to express my thoughts completely.  I hope you  understand what I mean.

Feb 13, 2016 12:30 PM
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Hi Karen Arustamyan,

I think it's fair to say that a teacher is some sort of a 'guide', however I do not think that a teacher's sole purpose is to guide students, it could be more than that: the inputs and initiatives can come from both sides, so it's at least considerable that a teacher should be open to suggestions, e.g., about methods of teaching, practicing. Note: I don't consider in all of this, that this is about students or teachers that do these activities in schools or colleges and the like.

Now, in fair response to show them the way and the how to learn a language, methods of teaching is just about teaching in regards to the teacher's presentation of the material (subject matter), the methodological steps of teaching and the prioritization of subject matter, is difficult to coordinate. As each student's cognition works differently, so is it with teacher's who can't exactly replicate teaching methods as presented in textbooks or let alone from other teachers. Note: the connection, the bond, between student and teacher, the click that would spark or not. Some teacher-student relations just doesn't fit the needs and may not be well adapted to each other's mentality and skills etc. . Blaming has some negative connotation, so I wouldn't name it like that, but I will point to the relation itself in which both is responsible to be fair, reasonable and respectful along the process.


February 13, 2016


It's good that teachers have there resources, and can introduce enlarged- and personalized- concepts about the language in question, the methodological approach of every teacher differentiates and the explanations is always differently formulated, it is both up to the student as well as the teacher to agree upon methods.

February 13, 2016