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Hello everyone, I have a question.

Is it correct to say "I am not keen on you" and, if the answer is "yes", what exactly it means ?

Thanks in advance :)

Feb 13, 2016 4:10 PM
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Because it has negative personal associations - it means "I don't like you" with a softened emphasis - native English speakers would rarely use this sentence directly to someone in writing or in spoken conversation.  It would be very direct and almost rude and so would only be used to politely push someone away.  

It would be much more common to hear the same sentence but ending in him, her,  or them when talking about someone else who is not present in the conversation.

April 10, 2016

The expression " I am not keen on " is used to express that you do not particularly like something, it is more subtile way of saying that you dislike something.

I am not entirely sure whether you would use this expression with the pronouns(i.e. you) What are you trying to say in this sentence ? 

February 13, 2016