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A Whisper of My Heart Since you encourage me to try, I'm willing to do so. Well, this is the first poem I composed (while I was waiting my doctor in the hospital. It's kind of girl's stuff but most people reading all my poems said, this one was the best. So, I will greatly appreciate if you would spare you precious time looking and criticizing or giving comments. What do you think? ALWAYS...HE SEEKS FOR A TRUE LOVE. ONLY HIM...I AM THINKING OF. ALWAYS...HE BETRAYS ME TO DEATH. ONLY HIM...I CAN FORGIVE FOR HIS CASE. ALWAYS...HE CAN'T BE REACHED. ONLY HIM...I FOREVER NEED. ALWAYS...HE LIES TO ME. ONLY HIM...IS THE TRUTH I CAN SEE. ALWAYS...HE CEATES MY GREATEST FEAR. ONLY HIM...I WANT TO BE NEAR. ALWAYS...HE STATES HIS POINT OF VIEW. ONLY HIM...THAT ALL MY SECRETS MUST BE SEALED. ALWAYS...PEOPLE ASK "WHO IS HE?" ONLY HE...KNOWS WHAT MY ANSWER WILL BE.
2008년 4월 22일 오전 10:09
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I meant poetical love is usually like a fight, wherein someone aspire to be with the person he or she is in love with. But numberless barriers (external oe internal) hamper this wish to come true. If everything is ok, it's not a poetry, it's prose of life. I understood you write about a man who can let you down, give you pain. Not a perfect case you know. But this is what poetry should be about. If my writing confuses you a bit, let me know and feel free to ask me anything.
2008년 4월 23일
Err, because my English is a bit poor and I don't want to get you wrong. Do you mean that this poem is composed in an unusual way? Love poems actually should be violent? Or you just express opinion to this poem. I'm sorry to ask but I'm just not sure.
2008년 4월 23일
Very frankly. You know, the poetical love can’t be a quiet river. It’s always a violent stream, impending to destroy us, but having moments of calm. We considered them as happiness, I think. The stream keeps us strained, focused on having a respite. So it teaches us to appreciate any tiny things on its waves.
2008년 4월 22일
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