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Some behavioral issues on italki Hi guys , I will go straight to the point... consider that you are walking on the street by your own and then suddenly a random guy/gul appears and asks you sth. Do you  ignore him/her and just continue walking away ?
definitely no ! So then why is it quite normal to see some people ignoring others' massages on sites like italki or the whole internet .
Do people only answer others on places like street because they can not simply hide behind sth or what ? :D
I just want to know your Ideas (specially girl's ideas ) because it seems they are more willing to do so....
plz correct my text If you find any mistakes in it I am not very good with english :) 
Jul 8, 2016 3:36 PM
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Think of it this way: if someone taps you on the shoulder in real life, you have to respond in some way. Moreover, it is certain that they are addressing you personally - and not anyone else.

Online, by contrast, you are inviting a response from anybody might happen to be interested in your question or request. First, not everybody on the group in question will read your post. Second, not everybody will be interested in what you have to say or in the question that you raise. Third, of all those who might be interested in principle, not all will have the time to respond.

Fourth, your whole "girls especially" approach is likely to turn people off. It suggests that you are trying to hijack this site to meet girls instead of using it to improve your language skills.

There's no reason why you shouldn't want to meet girls, but you are wasting your time on sites like this. Go to the beach; show off your muscles; join a club; go into a singles' bar. 

Who knows - in the course of all of that you might meet your ideal woman andlearn a language. Good luck and more power to your elbow.


July 8, 2016

If a random person just says hi to me on the street I will most probably not answer. I will also do my best to avoid them if I understand they are looking for a kind of exchange that I'm not interested in, for example to advertise or sell something to me that I don't need. I will only respond to a reasonable and well articulated query. The same rules apply to the Internet.

July 8, 2016
Mmmh, do you have street markets in Iran? When you go through one, do you stop for a minute, or even 5 seconds, to explain to each vendor trying to attract your attention how you aren't interested in what they offer, or you that you have enough resources to please them?
July 8, 2016
Here is a question that might be an answer to your question Shayan.  Do you prefer a response that goes like that  " sorry I am not interested now, maybe later" or you prefer a no response.
July 8, 2016


If what you are talking about is a barter trade system, does that mean you only send messages to people who have indicated on their profile that they want to learn your native language?  Or are you complaining that people who are not in the market to learn your native language do not respond to your messages?

From my perspective, the only barter event I am attending is one that exchanges English for Spanish.  I think it is easy to tell on most people´s profile what market they are attending.  At first I tried to politely decline invitations to help people individually with English,  but after too many people would not accept no for an answer but instead would try to make me feel guilty for declining, now I often prefer not to respond. 

July 9, 2016
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