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Learning Turkish - Where to start?

Could anyone please give me some ideas on where to start with learning the Turkish language?

I have so far started on studying the use of the infinitive conjugation and have also studied the sentence structuring. I was wondering which areas I should next move on to studying because there is so much to learn that I'm not really sure where to start.

Also, if you could suggest any fun ways of learning vocabulary such as movies and songs with English subtitles, that would be very helpful. I go to Turkey every summer and always pick up bits and pieces just from being around Turkish speakers but for now I am back in the UK so need some tips.


8 Tem 2016 18:42
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Watching Turkish TV Shows is a great way to improve your language, I know there are some on the internet with English subtitles. If you need a suggestion, I can help. :)
10 Temmuz 2016
I would definitely suggest giving DuoLingo a shot.
8 Temmuz 2016

I  was helping to teach Turkish my foreign friends once. My recommendations are;

Firstly use this website:

Secondly, you can use these video list on youtube ;

If you have any question and need more advice,  let me  know

31 Temmuz 2017

I started to study audio lessons."Pimsleur Turkish", you can search the Internet)


29 Temmuz 2017
I would suggest you to give it a go on grammar however structure of Turkish is pretty different (vowel harmony etc) orders are not that  big deal and once you get to know some basics I believe you will be able to express yourself .In addition to, focus on present continuous tense which is used a lot more .
28 Temmuz 2017
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