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which is better to learn American or British English in general?

Hi everyone,

I've been learning English for three years but still not able to determine which is better to speak, american, or British. I have no specific plan like work or travel to a certain country at the moment. I'm just learning the language the world talk. So I need to Know which is better to learn in general?

Another question, is it a big problem in my language if I mixed them while talking or writing?

Thanks in advance,


2016年7月8日 21:25
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Interesting question. I was officially learning British English at school, but all my teachers had a neutral accent that was much closer to American English. Now I would like to say that what I speak is a mixture of the two, but it is not, it is actually quite different from both. I speak English on a daily basis, but I've had very little contact with native English speakers. I think of what I speak as international English, and I see it as a bit of a dialect of itself, based on a mixture of different native English dialects, and influenced by non-native, but fairly fluent, English speakers from all over the world.

In summarry, I wouldn't think about it too much.

I do not think mixing British English and American English should be a problem, unless you are one of those people who want to try to hide the fact that you are not a native speaker of English.  Personally, I do not think non-native speakers need to try to hide it, there is nothing shameful about not being a native English speaker.  An American should be able to understand you if you write ¨colour¨ and a British person should be able to understand you if you write ¨color¨.  A native British accent is different from a native American accent, but I really do not see why being a perfectionist and trying to sound just like a native would be worth the time. 

"British English" and "American English" are the same language spoken in different places. They are not even dialects.  

There are some phrases and idioms which are unique to each country, and advanced learners may be able to spot stylistic preferences which are common to one nation or another.  But the grammatical variations are very few, very minor, and are more a question of preference than rules. 

Any communication gap between Americans and British people is more likely to relate to accent than language.

Have a look at this article about the issue:


They're really not that different, just learn the one that you like the most. You'll have no difficulty in communicating with speakers of other types of English. 


US variant has a bit simplified writing and tense using style. Vocabulary and pronunciation also are a bit different. I think it depends on your native language. As for Russian speaker, US general pronunciation is easier (cause of R-sound), but in your case you may finf British easier for your self.

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