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Who is learning Germany language? We can study together!

I am a totally beginner for Germany language.Who is also learning Germany?Let's talk about....." How can the vocabulary is so long....”


Jul 9, 2016 10:07 AM
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PS: Nana, your original post has some errors in it.; for example, Germany is the country and not the language. Would you like me to correct it for you?
July 10, 2016
Good luck! The long words may seem scary at first, but they are easy enough to understand. Germans simply combine nouns in order to make new ones. For example, in English you would say, "Health insurance card", but in German you would say, "Krankenversicherungskarte". If you take the words apart, though, you get "krank" (sick) "versicherung" (insurance), "Karte" (card), so "sick insurance card". It makes sense, right?

I hope that you find some great German language partners soon. :-D
July 9, 2016
Ich möchte mein Deutsch verbessern, so suche ich jemand um zu sprechen.
Ich heiße Gabriel, ich komme aus Brasilien und bin 23 Jahren alt. Ich habe schon durch ein und halb Jahr in Deutschland gewohnt.
Wenn du interessiert bist, bitte mir sagen.
July 13, 2016
Thanks to all.Especially to Rhiannon.    I hope I can get the grammar rules as soon as possible[emoji][emoji]^_^
July 12, 2016

Hey all,

I just passed my A1 in German so I'm still at a very basic level but I am looking to progress fast. Based in London UK.


July 10, 2016
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