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I'm in Paris for a month, and want to learn French. Where do I go? And what do I do?

Hello everyone,

I'm staying at a friend's in Paris for the next month. I arrive on Wednesday. I'll spend a couple of hours studying philosophy, and the rest of the time trying to learn French.

What would you recommend to a visitor to get an authentic Parisian experience, with an emphasis at maximising the amount of exposure to French?



Bonjour tout le monde,

Je visite Paris – avec une amie – pour le mois prochain. J'arrive le mercredi. Je vais passer quelques heures travailler – étudier de philosophie – et apprendre le Français.

Que recommenderiez-vous à un étrange avoir un expérience authentique parisien, mettre l'accent sur l'apprentissage de la lange et mon exposition à elle?



Jul 9, 2016 2:42 PM
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Go to the sewer museum near the Pont de l'Alma. It's off the beaten path and mostly visited by locals and it has lots of information about the history of the parisian sewer system,  the great flood of 1910, etc. (All in French, so it's good practice -- plus, if you're lucky, you might see a couple of sewer rats in their natural habitat). 
July 14, 2016

Wonderful Seth, thank you very much – I arrived last night. Going to spend today walking around the town, trying to get in as many conversations as possible.

Franglish looks superb – I'll book in for later this week.


July 14, 2016

You could start practicing while on the plane, coach or train to Paris. I've found I get invited to meet their families. I'm weird that way...LOL!

Good luck!

July 10, 2016

Wow, nobody has answered this yet!

Jamie, there is a Franglish group which meets in Paris, for an exchange with native French speakers. You speak 7 minutes in French and 7 minutes in English and you then change partners. It lasts about 2 hours. Great way to meet people and they may show you Paris.  I've been to it and it's quite good.

Try the meetup website where you will find language exchange groups in Paris with native speakers and maybe other events that may be of interest to you. is also quite good for meeting people while www. has events in Paris can be used to find people in Paris who want to learn English. They will give you an authentic taste of the city.  I stayed with one of my exchange partners for 2 weeks in France and they stayed a week here in England. Intensive language practice on a farm, near the Alpes. Wonderful!

You could try enrolling on a language course for two weeks and if your friend is French, practice with him for an hour or so. Or you could find a tutor or teacher here on italki to practice while you are there and if they are not far you could meet them for more practice.

Just some ideas. I hope others will help.

July 10, 2016
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