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Einstein's theory of General Relativity

Hi everyone,

Recently I've been very curious to understand the theory of general relativity. I watched many videos and I think I understood the main idea. The theory supposed that the light is the fastest thing in the world. if you ride a ray of light you will be able to move with the speed of 300,000 km/sec. the weird thing here is that the time is supposed to move slower and slower until it stop moving at the speed of light. If you exceed the speed of light that means you will see the time go back.

Another part of the theory is that the ray of light doesn't travel in a perfect straight lines. it bends with the time-space material that fill the world around us. the time-space also bends around the sun and the planets. Here, Einstein come to a new definition of the Gravity.

Newton's Theory of Gravity is clear and reasonable. the earth pulls things towards its center, and the Sun pulls the planets, but Einstein Saw it in a different way. The relativity theory tells that the space-time that bends around planets pushes things towards the earth.

I tried hard to till what I've understood in a short description. please type a comment if you understand it differently. also if there are any language mistakes or hints please let me know.


Jul 9, 2016 3:57 PM
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Einstein's theory of General Relativity is related to the high level physics. I would study it in University in Russia. It's extremely complicated and it's impossible to jam all this idea into a comment. That is absolutely crazy thing, but believe it or not, it works, Hassan.

July 9, 2016
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