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Can somebody please tell me if this sentence is correct

Please tell me if this translates correctly or if I have written it wrong.

I hope to understand =  ben anlamak umuyorum 

Many thanks

9 lip 2016 18:58
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anlamayı umuyorum
12 lipca 2016

Hi Alisha, there are couple of things to correct:

1) You don't have to use "ben". First person suffix does the job.

2) If you are using "I hope to understand" to express a wish, you can translate "hope" as "istemek" or "arzu etmek. In that case the sentence means "anlamak istiyorum" or "anlamayı arzu ediyorum" 

3) If you are using "I hope to understand" to express an expectation, you can translate the sentence as "umarım anlarım". When we want to express an expectation we use the word "inşallah". Though it is not the precise translation of "hope", the sentence is like this; "inşallah anlarım".

I hope this to be helpful. Take care.  

9 lipca 2016
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