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Ebu Bekir
Different kinds of English tests, which is best? TOEFL IELTS CAMBRIDGE...

Hi guys, I'd like to take a test soon, and up to now the only test I knew of is the one Cambridge offers. I used to follow Cambridge classes a couple years ago, and back then we were preparing for either the CAE or CPE (I forgot which one). I recently found out about TOEFL and IELTS and how companies and universities accept either/or exam. Which exam should I try out if I take into consideration that I want to show my true level of English. I don't just want to do an exam, pass it and only have it be eligible for 2 years or so... I'm ok with redoing it every 5/6 years though :)

What are your thoughts?

2016年7月10日 11:50
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If you like to follow the British English style, take IELTS, if you like the American English style, take TOEFL. However, I personally prefer IELTS, even though most of the entities in Turkey now tend to accept TOEFL more ! :/

Ebu, I guess the most reliable validity of English proficieny in general is TOEFL-iBT since in this test, you have to hold comprehensive understanding in English and profound vocabulary to pass it.



It depends where you live/want to do which test is the best. In South Korea for example most people take the IELTS, but many Europeans I know TOEFL or CAE.
All three of them apparently are recognized around the world. I'm not really looking for which one is easier, I just need the one that is recognized as "the most legit" certification. I think I'm still going with the Cambridge test. Giving 200 bucks for an exam and having it available for 2 years really doesn't do it for me :P

Hello Ebu..In my opinion I think that CPE Test is the best, comparing it with IELTS because it is C2 Level. You dont have to retake the exam. But it all depends on your needs . You can see the differents levels of IELTS in comparison to Cambridge in this link

I am training for CPE and the practice tests in the same web I sent you are great!..

Hope its useful the information..


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