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What kind of drink do you like?
Taiwan is very hot in the summer, So maney people like a sugary drinks.
However, drink too much beverage you have unhealthy. But you can try "Plum vinegar drink".
It's helpful digestive and improve fatigue.
The Japanese say, "An umeboshi a day keeps the doctor away!"

I like to drink Plum vinegar.  
What kind of drink do you like? 
10 يوليو 2016 12:35
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water there is no better 
10 يوليو 2016

The beest by far, in my opinion, are water and specially green tea because it has a looot of benefits for health and also it's a natural antioxidant and is good for losing weight quickly, for skin care, delay aging, regulate the circulatory system, prevent chronic diseases, among others. I drink a lot of green tea and I can say that it reeeally helps.

Sorry so much info haha but well to keep it in mind :D 

Greetings :) 

10 يوليو 2016
I like most of juices specially mango and pineapple juice...
19 يوليو 2016
I love drinking sugar free pineapple juice! It's refreashing and healthy!
19 يوليو 2016
Well now i prefer natural juice because in my Country Colombia there are a lot of fruits and are cheap. 
18 يوليو 2016
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