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What's the biggest dream of yours??? Please share your ideas :)
Jul 10, 2016 6:59 PM
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My dream to iran and russia go out syria     :-(
July 10, 2016

No war

No poverty

Is it a big one? :(

July 10, 2016

My dream is to teach and learn various languages!

I'm working towards it very slowly, but I want to help bring the world together. 

Through a lot of my life, people from throughout the world have been my friends and confidantes. I've learned so much about different cultures, and different people. So, I want to give other people the opportunity for those experiences!

Right now, I want to go to Japan, because so many Japanese people have helped me become who I am today, so I want to see their home!

Another dream is I would like to own a restaurant... but these two would be difficult to achieve together. haha. :)

What are your dreams?

July 10, 2016
My dreams are to travel the world, to get a chance to work in the nutrition an fitness field, to be fluent in English and Spanish, to have my own family and home. 
July 10, 2016

My big and good dreams are:

-Have a good job;

-Go and travel abroad;

-Peace for this world;

-Have a good life in the future.

July 29, 2016
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