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Looking for some one to help me learn Japanese I am looking for a friend to help me learn Japanese. I have been studying it for some time now but I am having trouble. I been using a lot of different  websites to learn Japanese(I don't know if the websites I use are good to use so if you have any suggestions for a good websites to learn Japanese Ill be happy to try them). I think its a bit hard to learn it with out some one to help to help me. I am serious about learning Japanese. I don't have money to use for websites that I need to pay for to learn Japanese or a teacher. So I am seeing if a can get a friends to help teach me and I can help teach them if I can. We don't have to teach each other all the time If you want I do have a PS4 with a PSN account so we can play video games if you like to.
Jul 11, 2016 12:58 AM
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Hello. I am Japanese. I am learning English especially speaking and listing skills. Let's do lunguage exchange.
July 22, 2016

Haha, I love video games, just I haven't played them for a long time. What's PSN?

Btw, I have lived in Japan for 5 years and took my college degree in Japan, so I think I can help u with your Japanese. And I want to improve my English speaking very very badly, hople I could use some help.

July 11, 2016
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